I’ve acquired a degree of Fine Leather Artist back in 1998. For fifteen years I’ve been working for various publishers of children’s printings as an illustration, text, photograph author and editor. My current occupation is illustrating books for children. I design and make cute details for home interiors, leather panels. I also participate in international, joint exhibitions, and hold my personal exhibitions in Lithuania. I take opportunities of supporting charity auctions for children with my works.
I’m very fond of creating new characters and stories. Every surface that I create on – no matter if it’s a canvas, leather, paper or anything new and original – becomes a home for the little miracles of mine. I very much appreciate unitary pieces of art and thus create such works myself. I believe that each original piece of art belongs to a single owner who would love it, appreciate it, and rejoice over it. A piece of art is a family member that attributes to the home aura and keeps it safe.



Birštonas Secondary School


Birštonas Four-year School of Art


Kaunas College, J. Vienožinskis Faculty of Art,

Fine leather specialist

(Kaunas Art College)


The artist has been actively participating in exhibitions since 2009. Her works in 2009 was exhibited at the international MOYTOY artist’s community exhibition ‘Phobia’, which was attended by professional artists from more than 50 countries around the world.



  • Best Art Exhibition of the Year, Kaunas (Lithuania);

  • Solo exhibit at interior design place ‘Gaudrė’ (Vilnius, Lithuania);

  • Group exhibit ‘The Horse’ (photography) (Dusėtai Art Gallery, Lithuania);




  • International Exhibition of 12 Artists in Rome by Palazzo Velli expo. Selected work from the last cycle ‘Knocking on Heaven’s Door/ Joke’;

  • International Plein Air in India;

  • International Biennial "Pink Bulldozer", (Ukraine);

  • International exhibition ‘Ostrow Wielkopolsky ‘, (Ukraine);

  • International exhibition ‘Alternatywy 33’, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Regaining Independence of Poland (Poland)

  • New York International Exhibition, exhibited at the beginning of the year Art Basel, New York (Contest Exhibition, Swiss Gallery);

  • Emerging Art London prize in London;

  • Solo exhibition ‘The Room of Secrets’ at Ieva Simonaitytė Library; (Lithuania);

  • Best Art Exhibition of the Year, Kaunas (Lithuania);

  • Solo exhibition ‘Beauty and Monster / Lovers’ in the Passion Store; (Vilnius, Lithuania);

  • Solo exhibition ‘Room of Secrets’ at Vincas Kudirka Library (Kaunas, Lithuania);

  • Solo exhibition Room of ‘Room of Secrets’, B2O Bar (Kaunas, Lithuania);

  • Group exhibition ‘Revival’’;

  • Group exhibition ‘Living in Life Jazzing’ at Birštonas Culture Center (Lithuania; curated by Jurgita Rancevienė);

  • Yerevan, Arvest Expo Group International Exhibition (Yerevan);

  • International Plein airs in Lithuania and Poland;

  • Solo exhibition ‘Knocking on Heaven’s Door / Joke’ at Klaipėda Public Library (Lithuania);

  • Plein air in Bessarabia, Ukraine. Reserve, Raseika. ‘Barchat Color’ . Topic: Civilization in Minus.;

  • Two Exhibitions at the Culture Center of Ukmergė (Lithuania) (participants: Rimvydas Pupelis ArtMuta / Jurgita Ranceviene ‘Knocking on Heaven’s Door/ Joke’)’

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