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I’ve acquired a degree of Fine Leather Artist back in 1998. For fifteen years I’ve been working for various publishers of children’s printings as an illustration, text, photograph author and editor. My current occupation is illustrating books for children. I design and make cute details for home interiors, leather panels. I also participate in international, joint exhibitions, and hold my personal exhibitions in Lithuania. I take opportunities of supporting charity auctions for children with my works.

I’m very fond of creating new characters and stories. Every surface that I create on – no matter if it’s a canvas, leather, paper or anything new and original – becomes a home for the little miracles of mine. I very much appreciate unitary pieces of art and thus create such works myself. I believe that each original piece of art belongs to a single owner who would love it, appreciate it, and rejoice over it. A piece of art is a family member that attributes to the home aura and keeps it safe.



Birštonas Secondary School


Birštonas Four-year School of Art


Kaunas College, J. Vienožinskis Faculty of Art,

Fine leather specialist

(Kaunas Art College)

2018 the Lithuanian Ministry of Culture announced and honored her with the Status of Professional Art Creator.


Owner and starter of new art and culture platform in Lithuania BLUE DOG / Mėlynas šuo.

Silver and bronze award from World Culture Congress at Tokyo metropolitan Art museum, 21st paintings and calligraphy exhibition Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum in Ueno (Gallery 1, 2nd Floor) period 22 -30 June , 2019.





Jurgita participates in art projects, arranges art exhibitions. The artist has been actively participating in exhibitions since 2005. Her works in 2009 was exhibited at the international MOYTOY artist’s community exhibition ‘Phobia’, which was attended by professional artists from more than 50 countries around the world.The creator also participates in auctions; her works have been acquired by Lithuanian art collectors, Lithuanian stage stars. Art lovers from the United Kingdom, India, Ukraine, Poland, Hong Kong, and the United States of America have acquired her art works. The artist does not only actively paints, but also illustrates children’s books, works as an art editor of books; professional activity like illustrator starts 1996. 

List of Jurgita Rancevienė art exhibits


  • Personal exhibition GAIA / Mother Goddess / dedicated to well known lithuanian archaeologist Marija Gimbutas. "Ramybės" gallery, Palanga.

  • The gallery "Gamta ir kultūra" (Nature and culture) to mark the centenary of the recognition of Lithuania by Switzerland it is hosting a group exhibition of artworks by artists both from Lithuania and Switzerland.

  • "LIMBO" - Personal exhibition in Vilnius "Antakalnio" gallery.






  • Exhibition at the Prienai Culture and Leisure Center – "Mutabor"

  • Exhibition "Revival" / awarded a diploma. Kaunas, Lithuania.

  • Silver and bronze award from World Culture Congress at Tokyo metropolitan Art museum, 21st paintings and calligraphy exhibition Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum in Ueno (Gallery 1, 2nd Floor) period 22 -30 June , 2019.

  • Bougie Art Gallery, Toronto, Canada

  • Another look at the ‘Urban Life’ virtual art exhibition featuring Kelsey Ford, Jurgita Ranceviene and Sinan Hussein artworks;

  • Group exhibition "Misanthropic feasts" organized by the art magazine "White Room", Zyplių dvaras, Lithuania

  • Personal painting exhibition in the gallery of the Union of Architects "Urbana", Kaunas, Lithuania

  • Best Art Exhibition of the Year, Kaunas (Lithuania);

  • Solo exhibit at interior design place ‘Gaudrė’ (Vilnius, Lithuania);

  • Personal exhibition "Reverse World. Myth Metamorphoses": From Visibility to Invisibility; at the gallery of the Ukrainian Artists' Union in Rivne, Ukraine;

  • Personal exhibition ‘Balta‘(‘White’ Gallery)"Reverse World. Myth Metamorphoses": From Visibility to Invisibility;

  • Personal art exhibition at Ministry of Internal Affairs, Vilnius, Lithuania.

  • Personal exhibition "Allegories of Myth" in Hutenfeld Castle, Germany;

  • International exhibition in Poland, Hel City Hall. Participants: Ukraine, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Poland;

  • Solo exhibit at interior design place ‘Gaudrė’ (Vilnius, Lithuania);

  • Group exhibit ‘The Horse’ (photography) (Dusėtai Art Gallery, Lithuania);

  • Organiser of international art simposium "BLUE DOG".

  • Owner and starter of new art and culture platform in Lithuania BLUE DOG /

  • Group miniature exhibition in RA gallery, Vilnius.




  • International Exhibition of 12 Artists in Rome by Palazzo Velli expo. Selected work from the last cycle ‘Knocking on Heaven’s Door/ Joke’;

  • International Plein Air in India;

  • International Biennial "Pink Bulldozer", (Ukraine);

  • International exhibition ‘Ostrow Wielkopolsky ‘, (Ukraine);

  • International exhibition ‘Alternatywy 33’, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Regaining Independence of Poland (Poland)

  • New York International Exhibition, exhibited at the beginning of the year Art Basel, New York (Contest Exhibition, Swiss Gallery);

  • Emerging Art London prize in London;

  • Solo exhibition ‘The Room of Secrets’ at Ieva Simonaitytė Library; (Lithuania);

  • Best Art Exhibition of the Year, Kaunas (Lithuania);

  • Solo exhibition ‘Beauty and the Beast/ Mistress’ in the Passion Store; (Vilnius, Lithuania);

  • Solo exhibition ‘Room of Secrets’ at Vincas Kudirka Library (Kaunas, Lithuania);

  • Solo exhibition Room of ‘Room of Secrets’, B2O Bar (Kaunas, Lithuania);

  • Group exhibition ‘Revival’’;

  • Group exhibition ‘Living in Life Jazzing’ at Birštonas Culture Center (Lithuania; curated by J. Rancevienė);

  • Yerevan, Arvest Expo Group International Exhibition (Yerevan);

  • International Plein airs in Lithuania and Poland;

  • Solo exhibition ‘Knocking on Heaven’s Door / Joke’ at Klaipėda Public Library (Lithuania);

  • Plein air in Bessarabia, Ukraine. Reserve, Raseika. ‘Barchat Color’ . Topic: Civilization in Minus.

  • Two Exhibitions in one at the Culture Center of Ukmergė (Lithuania) (participants: Rimvydas Pupelis ArtMuta / Jurgita Ranceviene ‘Knocking on Heaven’s Door/ Joke’)’

  • Group miniature exhibition in RA gallery, Vilnius.



  • Solo exhibit at ‘Rūta’ gallery in Klaipėda (Lithuania);

  • Exhibit at ‘National Courts Administration of Lithuania / Sapiega Palace’

  • Birštonas Kurhauze (Lithuania);

  • Exhibit at Lithuanian National Radio and TV (Vilnius, Lithuania);

  • Group exhibit at Birštonas Culture Center (Lithuania);

  • Group exhibition at "Aukso pjūvis’ (‘Cut of Gold’ Gallery)

PROFESSIONAL Illustrator ACTIVITY from 1996


Participates in art projects, arranges art exhibitions. The artist does not only actively paints, but also illustrates children’s books, works as an art editor of books. Illustrator of the children’s newspaper Tukas (established by Dalia Teišerskytė). 1998-2005 – author of covers and other illustrations of the children’s magazines Penki and Naminukas published by “Pienių pieva”. Catholic children’s magazine Bitutė. 1998-2008 – creator and artist of fairy tales, texts for children, comics of the children’s supplement Trintukas to the daily Respublika. Editor of the section. 1998-2008 – children’s magazines published by UAB “Indiza”: Oho klasė, Draugai, Oho planeta, and Dešimtukas (creator and artist of covers, heroes, and comics). 2005-2008 – initiator, organiser and chairperson of the commission of the Young Talents event organised by the daily Respublika at the Lithuanian Children and Youth Centre in Vilnius. 2008 – children’s magazine Musė pusė (UAB “Flintas”). 2008-2011 – journalist, photojournalist at the daily Respublika. 2009 – works were exhibited on the international exhibition “Phobia” of MOYTOY artists’ community, involving the participation of artists from over 50 countries of the world. 2010 – illustrator, art editor of the book for children with tuberculosis “Ligoninė ligoniukų akimis“ (A hospital in the eyes of young patients) published by the Charity Support Fund “Saulės Smiltys”. 2010 – artist of the children’s exercise books “Naujasis šaltinis” (for the third form) (parts 1, 2, 3) (authors Vida Plentaitė, Elena Marcelionienė) published by the publishing house “Šviesa”. 2012-2016 – artist of children’s books (“Dėdė Fiodoras eina į mokyklą” (Uncle Fiodor Goes to School), 2016; “Mylima dėdės Fiodoro mergaitė” (Uncle Fiodor’s Favourite Girl), 2014; “Dėdės Fiodoro teta” (Uncle Fiodor’s Aunt), 2013; “Dėdė Fiodoras, šuo ir katinas” (Uncle Fiodor, Dog and Cat), 2012) published by the publishing house “Nieko rimto”. 2012-2015 – comics creator and artist of the children’s magazine Laimiukas published by the publishing house “Nieko rimto”. Artist of children’s books published by the publishing house “Terra Publica”: "Broliai ąžuolaičiai" (Oak brothers), 2017; "Pasaiba ir dingęs liūtas" (Pasaiba and lost lion) 2017; “Pasaiba ir Maumų medis” (Pasaiba and Bugaboo Tree), 2016; “Stumbrytės Plukės atostogos Lietuvoje” (Stumbrytė Plukė’s Vacations in Lithuania), 2015; “Eismuolytė”, 2013; “Gražiausios Europos šalių pasakos” (The Most Beautiful Fairy Tales of Europe), 2013; “Spintos istorijos” (Wardrobe’s Stories), 2013; “Mano kelionių dienoraštis” (My Travel Diary), 2012;


Artist and art editor of important book for adults “Tai Lietuva” (This is Lithuania), 2013.

Wendigo and other creatures in the 

Jurgita Rancevienė art


Art follows you and sometimes it will never let you go. The life of Lithuanian artist Jurgita Rancevienė was and still is followed by art. Artist has studied at Justinas Vienožinskis Faculty of Arts (Fine Leather Specialty), has worked in periodical press and publications for many years (illustrating books for children and adults, including a unique representative book about Lithuania “This is Lithuania”) and ten years ago she started to show her unique art pieces to the public in various art exhibits, art fairs and biennials. If you would try to define her art – the first word which would strike your minds would be ‘strong’. Strong and powerful. That Jurgita Rancevienė is definitely a very strong artist shows the fact that in 2018 the Lithuanian Ministry of Culture announced and honored her with the Status of Professional Art Creator. 


If we would try to fit Jurgita Rancevienė's artistic and technical style into the terms of art history techniques, the term ‘contemporary cubism’ would definitely be the best. In her art pieces the aim of classic cubism (to show the object being displayed at 360 degrees – or in other words to show all the possible visible points of the object) is not that important. Broken, deconstructed lines and shapes play a different role in her art here. They not just only ignores the three-dimensional representation of the object, thus creating two-dimensional image, but also provides a very unique and comforting environment for artist’s creatures which are living in her canvases. Jurgita Rancevienė’s creatures are not humanized-beings and it is not fully animal-human hybrid beings – all the characters she creates represent the most diverse mythology in the world, yet not showing it as a formal mythological creature visual history, but recreating them through her own perception.


The uniqueness of Jurgita Rancevienė’s artworks could be spoken and written about without stopping. The artist's canvases are filled with bold and vivid color combinations, and she is able to control the range of colors from the hot-breathing to winter-sparkling shades. Not only this shows Jurgita Ranceviene's ability to professionally perform a work of art, but also reveals the themes which are important in her works. In addition to the above-mentioned mythology, Jurgita Rancevienė's artworks also reveal the relationships between these mythological beings – the relationship between creatures with horns, underwater critters and other beasts. In some canvases they appear as hints of passion, in others – as a need to be noticed, dominant, or sometimes – as an attempt to fit with others. Jurgita Rancevienė in her works also is developing figurative neo-expressionism and in many of her art pieces the principle of sketch is clearly visible – some of the works are performed in a fast manner, conveying the overwhelming emotion, mood and character of beings.


Returning to the theme of myth and mythological beings, the artist creates them with the use of contemporary cubism mentioned above, combining it with neo-expressionism. First of all, she deconstructs the figurative form of mythological creature and later she re-constructs it, collects it according to her own visions and feelings. In this way, well-known mythological creatures in the canvases of Jurgita Rancevienė often become unrecognizable. However, in some canvases you still can recognize some of the well-known mythological creatures such as: Kelpie – the Scottish Water Horse, Dokkaebi – Korean Goblin, Wendigo – American Man-Eater, Ahuizoti – Mexican water dog, Underwater critters and other mythological creatures from all parts of the world. But each of them is different than we would see in mythology books. Wendigo appears in Jurgita Rancevienė’s works as a very beautiful woman but without elk horns, instead of it – she is having goat or buffalo horns. Ahuizoti in canvases often appears in the form of a hard-to-define creature, often with a highly textured body and a clear reference to the water creature. Dokkaebi appears extremely often – sometimes as a mask-faced creature with different emotions which are all the time changing, sometimes this creature is having a full body. Kelpie appears like a water creature but without mermaid tail and with flippers similar to the wings.

As it was mentioned above – Jurgita Rancevienė is a book illustrator as well. Looking at her book illustrations you can clearly see that the fact of details is important to the artist, the precision takes a lot of meaning. However, the book illustrations and the paintings clearly show the artist's creative technique – the often appearing, sometimes extremely dominant outline, bright and well-controlled colors and the distinctive created characters.

Jurgita Rancevienė is also an exhibit curator. She has organized several art exhibitions by other artists.

One of the newest projects of the artist, which is very important in the Lithuanian cultural field, is the independent and free art and culture online platform ‘Blue Dog’.

Art follows you and sometimes it will never let you go. Seeing Jurgita Rancevienė’s art pieces art starts to follow each of the viewer. And it won‘t let you go so easily. 

Neringa Mikol

Art Critic and Curator

Canada, Toronto

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